Club For Five Live in Hong Kong

Stunning Techniques, Intoxicating Performances

A Marvellous Night With The Top-class A Cappella Group In The World

On 1 November 2007, Club For Five, the best a cappella in the world, was invited to Hong Kong Cultural Centre to use their stunning techniques to give one and only one intoxicating performance in Hong Kong. The performance of Club For Five was technically and musically top-class throughout all the singers in the World. It is famous for their innovative and amazing approach to singing and arranging, as well as skillful, instrument-like use of the human voice.

With the assistance of the microphones, Club For Five used their voices to imitate the sound of different instruments, inter alia, double bass, saxophone, drums, and electric guitar with effects. They needed not to use any musical instruments. Their live performances and the creative ways of “playing” rhythm music made the audience felt as if it was an entire rock band there on the stage, though they could only see in front of them five singers. Although the show was held in Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the atmosphere was similar to that of any concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum--all the audience were shouting for joy, cheering, calling for encore, and even clapping while standing up during their performances!

Founded in 2001, Club for Five is a Finnish a cappella group which consists of five musicians with diverse musical backgrounds: Eeppi Ursin (Soprano), Susanna Hietala (Alto), Jouni Kannislo (Tenor), Thomas Altola (Baritone) and Tuukka Haapaniemi (Bass). The 5-singer group is totally formed with members from different backgrounds and has various styles. Some of them know how to play piano while the others play violin; some of them play jazz music and at the meantime plays symphonic orchestral at all.

Club For Five presented 18 songs of different styles, ranging from classical, folk, jazz, pop, rock, children, and even Chinese pop. Their performances includes Whisper, Kellä Kulta (Everybody Loves A Lover), Squeeze Me, Muistan Sua, Elaine (I Will Remember You, Elaine), Love’s Not Letting Me Leave, Walk Of Live, Oula, Take A Coca Cola, Mörrimöykky (Mörri The Troll), Girls Don’t Cry For Louie, Roxanne, Broken Before You, Vogue, Sweat Dreams, Kiss, Lady Marmalade, and Mikkihiiri Merihädäossäo (Mickey Mouse’s Sea Adventure).

The repertoire of Club For Five was mainly self-arranged and self-composed pop music in both Finnish and English. At the encore session, Club For Five chose to perform two Chinese pop to end the show. They were David Lui’s hit song Wanwan De Yueliang and Xinjiang folklore Song Wo Yizhi Meiguihua. When they started singing “Wanwan De Yueliang…”, the blood of all the audience was boiled up. The whole concert hall were cheering and clapping their hands. The atmosphere was definitely climaxed by Wanwan De Yueliang. All the audience were also amused by their fluency in Mandarin. These songs showed that they were not only good at arranging uncommon fresh-new song, but also good at mastering several languages. There was no doubt that their beautiful rhythms and the glamorous contemporary vocal harmonies resonated beyond all language barriers. Their new arrangements to the hit songs nonetheless brought the concert audiophiles to a new level of hearing.

Gay Singers of Hong Kong was invited to be the special guests of the show as well. Before the performances of Club For Five, Gay Singers proudly presented Sha La La, Calling, The Dance Of The Swans, La Danza, I Am Penniless, and Chinese People. Their performances were harmonious, and full of appealing facial and bodily expressions.

Gay Singers is a well-experienced and famous local ensemble and the first group that has introduced a cappella music to the general public in Hong Kong. Gay Singers was an old a cappella group once active within the campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and has later transformed into a group consisting of 4 girls and 4 boys in 1998 till present. The present members are:Chiu Wai Tak, Pau Fung Mei, Siu Tin Chi, Yu Suet Ying, Tam Yu Leung, Fung Kwok Tung, Chiu Pak Shing and Yue Ting Hang. All members of Gay Singers are graduates of the Music Department of the CUHK, and each of them is involving in different sectors of the music world.

The Club For Five Live in Hong Kong was the first concert of their concert tour in the Asia. Then, they were invited by Phoenix TV to perform in the Final of Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant. Their performance with the candidates was well acclaimed. After that they went to Guangzhou for their next stop. Moreover, it had its Christmas concert tour around Finland in November and December 2007. All in all, the unique and innovative ways of a cappella performance of Club For Five brought a spectacular show to all the audience in Hong Kong.